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Douglas M-Series Vented Magnesium Kart Wheel, 5" x 130mm width. These kart wheels (rims) are designed to reduce air volume in the wheel and tire unit, resulting in lower initial tire pressures, improved race-run performance, and lowered rotational weight. With integrated bead locks, a black satin finish, and 3-spoke design, these wheels are functional and stylish!

Note these are now sold as a pair


An industry leader for kart wheels for decades, Douglas introduced the M-Series to wide acclaim. The LV series feature thinner walls than traditional aluminum or magnesium wheels on the market, improving cooling of the tire. This in turn maintains a consistent tire pressure longer, keeping you in the race while others fade!

While magnesium is used throughout the wheel, Douglas focused on strengthening this wheel against sudden impacts that kart components are subjected to. As a result, the spoke ribs were integrated to further reinforce the center section of the wheel.

Each Douglas wheel meets or exceeds CIK / FIA requirements for wheel rim standards, and a lower-lip on the rear of the wheel makes mounting tires onto this wheel easy! Integrated bead locks with rubberized o-rings prevent tire slip or rotation off the bead when mounted, and are easy to remove or change.

Each wheel can be sold separately. Typically racers will need (2) rims to fit to their kart. In the case of a Kid Kart or Cadet / Mini kart, a set of (4) rims is needed.

Wheel Dimensions

  • The M-Series front wheel utilizes a 3-spoke, Euro-type bolt pattern: 3/58.
  • The overall width of the rim is: 130mm (standard front tire width for most sprint go karts)
  • The overall rim diameter is: 5.0" (fits standard 5" racing tires)

For a representation of what wheel bolt pattern and dimensions may mean, consult the diagram below: