Douglas Low Volume Magnesium Wheel (Front, 5" x 130mm) - Pair

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Low Volume Magnesium Go Kart Wheel by Douglas for CKR Racing go kart chassis. This is the OEM wheel all full-size CKR kart chassis come equipped with from the factory, fitted to the front hubs of the kart.

Note these are now sold as a pair

Each low volume wheel features Douglas' "M-Series" technology, providing advanced cooling and performance to the racing tire. These rims perform well in low grip as well as 'rubbered up' track conditions. Each wheel utilizes a 3/58 bolt pattern, the standard 'Euro' bolt pattern.

Each wheel can be sold separately, or as a pair of (2) wheels. The wheel comes complete with beadlocks and mounting washers (M8). If a set of (2) wheels is order the box also includes M8 wheel nuts and a beadlock tool by Douglas.