Douglas 5 x 3.25" Spun Wheel

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Douglas Spun Aluminum Kart Wheels with Metric Bolt Pattern, 5" diameter by 3.25" width. These kart wheels are intended for the front or rear of go karts, and are especially popular with Kid Kart go karts, due to the reduction in contact patch and increased diameter of the tires by utilizing these narrow wheels. These rims will fit all 5" racing kart tires. The color these wheels is a polished chrome.


An industry leader for kart wheels for decades, Douglas has produced spun aluminum kart wheels for a long time. Before there were exotic materials such as magnesium alloys were used, there were spun aluminum wheels - they were the industry standard! Lightweight and straight-forward, these wheels provide a low-grip option for your kart at a fraction of the cost of high-dollar magnesium wheels.

Each Wheel can be sold separately. Typically racers will need (2) rims to fit to their kart. In the case of a Kid Kart or Cadet / Mini kart, a set of (4) rims of the same dimension is needed.

Wheel Dimensions

The 3.25" Wheel features several key dimensions racers may want to know about:

  • This series of wheels utilizes a 3-hole, European OEM type bolt pattern: 3/58 - (3-holes, centered on a 58.0mm diameter from the center axis of the wheel. Each bolt hole is 8mm in size).
  • The overall rim diameter is 3.25" - this fits standard 5" kart racing tires. This is the most common size of kart rim used in sprint-kart racing.
  • Wheel Back-spacing is 1.625" (1 5/8") This dimension is denoted by width "3B" in the diagram below.
  • The hub-face to outer edge of the rim is also 1.625" (1 5/8"). This is denoted by width "6N" in the diagram below.
  • Because both dimensions 3B and 6N are the same, these wheels are a 'no offset' wheel, meaning the wheel is designed to provide a fixed and progressive feel during cornering.

Each wheel is sold individually. Typically, a kart requires (4) wheels of this dimension to perform well on track.

For a representation of what wheel bolt pattern and dimensions may mean, consult the diagram below: