D.I.D. #219 O-Ring Kart Chain

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#219 Go Kart Chain, D.I.D. O-Ring Type. Ideal for extreme horsepower applications, such as Rotax, IAME, and high-horsepower kart engine applications. The Black-on-silver finish, with integrated o-rings denotes the strength of this chain, which is designed to prevent stretch, distortion, leading to a long service life and ideal performance even under the toughest tests.

Each pin is "Super Die-Hard Alpha" treated roller pins for added durability, as well as integrated o-rings between the roller pins and guards, to limit rotation and spin of the links as they traverse the axle sprocket and drive sprocket, which leads lesser chains to abnormal wear or issues of throwing.

Each D.I.D. O-ring chain is available in a variety of links, from 104 - 114 links. Each chain comes pre-assembled, and with the o-rings in place, will not be adjustable by removing roller pins.

Note: Point Karting recommends for most kart racers the 108 link variant as a quick 'sure-fire' chain length that is going to work in most applications. However, if your total tooth count (front and rear sprockets) exceeds 90 teeth, a 110-link or larger chain might be the solution for you! **ALSO NOTE THAT YOU CANNOT ADJUST LINK COUNT ON O-RING CHAINS!! The length you choose is the length you must run.**