D.I.D. #219 HTZ Kart Chain

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#219 D.I.D. go kart chain for high-performance racing karts. The HTZ chain is the top-of-the-line chain for D.I.D., and is a classic choice for racers. With a gold-on-gold roller pin and guard finish, "super die-hard alpha" hardened and treated pins, the durability of this chain is notorious among racers.

Each D.I.D. HTZ chain is available in a variety of link lengths, and comes boxed, in parchment paper pre-oiled to prevent wear or damage during storage.

Note: Point Karting recommends for most kart racers the 108 link variant as a quick 'sure-fire' chain length that is going to work in most applications. However, if your total tooth count (front and rear sprockets) exceeds 90 teeth, a 110-link or larger chain might be the solution for you!