KZ Air Filter Support Kit

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Air Filter Mount for KZ Go Kart Engines. Designed to fit IAME and ROK air filters and airboxes. Designed by DR Kart, will fit a variety of KZ-type shifter go kart engines and airboxes. This kit is fantastic to help establish the correct orientation for your KZ shifter engine airbox for maximum performance!


No matter your KZ-type engine, the air filter support system needs to be supported. Not only is the angle of intake crucial for proper performance, but you also need to avoid the gear shift lever, fuel lines, throttle cables, and so on!

This air filter support kit is perfect to keep everything neat and tidy, and mounts directly to a variety of chassis. That tab that is on the frame that you've always wondered what it goes to in front of the motor mount area? This mounts directly to that!

Each kit comes complete with aluminum bracket to cradle the air filter, and a bracket that mounts directly to the tab on your chassis for air filter supports. A piece of foam also cut to the air filter bracket fits in between the support and the bracket to prevent scratching to the air box. A rubber O-ring elastic and hardware finishes off the kit, making a complete bolt-on kit ready to go!

Each kit comes complete as pictured.