Curved Seat Strut (Adjustable)

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  • Curved seat strut with adjustable length, by IKP. 
    • Seat struts are often used to 'tie' the seat to the rear bearing cassettes of a kart to create extra rear grip by transferring more weight to the rear tires. One consequence of this, however, can be limiting rear chassis 'lift' during slow or medium-speed cornering. 
  • Chrome-metallic finish.
  • Adjustable length obtained through loosening jam nuts and adjuster jack bolt. 
  • Additional strength within strut makes them less prone to fatigue, but less adaptable to individual chassis or offsets through bending. Fortunately, adjusting the length still gives you great flexibility with this strut option! 
    • Struts available in two lengths of the curve within strut, with either a 70mm or 90mm offset (see diagram).
    • Both are adjustable to an overall length between 260 and 310mm.