CRG VEN 04 Brake Pads (Front)

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Brake pads for CRG VEN 04 brake system - front calipers. Ideal for the front brake caliper and rotor of the CRG Road Rebel, circa 2004-2009, which utilizes a dual-piston, single-caliper front brake setup with a 3.5mm brake rotor that features a fluted and floating design.


Originally intended for the CRG VEN04 brake system, both DR and CRG utilize this pad with their cadet kart chassis as well. The Galfer brake pad is a sintered pad, with metallic matrix embedded in pad material for an aggressive pad feel that doesn't compromise on durability, and will work across a wide range of kart speeds and cornering forces.

Each pad set comes with (2) brake pads, which have a backing plate designed to fit to the VEN 04 brake caliper. These calipers are denoted calipers denoted by the abbreviations "16/FR/08", which are found on CRG VEN04 brake calipers on the side of the caliper.

Each pad set is sold individually, with (2) pads per set.

Note: As of 01.19.2021 Galfer has stopped producing this pad. We may be able to special order these pads for you, however. Please contact us for more information!

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