CRG Front Brake Pads (Set)

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Manufactured by IKP, these brake pads are an excellent choice for replacing worn out or damaged brake pads on your CRG chassis. These pads are designed to fit the FRONT brake calipers on karts, which are typically found only on shifter kart chassis. Point Karting is proud to supply racers with pads for a variety of CRG brake systems. Like any karting brand, CRG has updated their brake system several times over the years.
System Options
Here are the options we carry:
    • VEN 99: This brake system is found on most CRG karts in the United States that are Pre-2005. Consult our brake caliper images and diagrams to see if you have a VEN 99 Era system. For this system, there is one (standard pad) option available.
    • VEN 05: This system was the next generation of brake caliper for CRG, and associated brands (Zanardi, Tibi, etc). This caliper is typically seen on CRG chassis from years 2005 to 2008. For this system, there are (3) compounds available.
    • 2000 & UP: The front pads for the VEN 05 system also work for the 2000 & UP system, which utilized the same size pad on the front and rear, and featured a dual-caliper system in the rear (weird, we know).

Compound Options

Pads are available in the following compounds:

    • "Red Carbon" compound is a standard. It is a medium compound designed to work with all applications unless otherwise noted. Suitable for most drivers, Red Carbon pads provide a progressive yet strong braking feel across a variety of brake rotors and driving styles.
    • Ferodo KA compound (organic). This compound works well across a wide temperature range, but is more aggressive in stopping power than the Red Carbon.
    • IKP "Green" (Duralcan / Ceramic). This compound is designed specifically for ceramic brake systems for CRG. Do not use this pad without also utilizing a ceramic brake rotor ("Duralcan" is Italian for Ceramic).

Each pad option is sold as a pair of pads (2 pads per set).

Ideal For: CRG VEN05 front brake calipers (full size chassis system)
Ideal For: CRG VEN05 front brake calipers ceramic "duralcan"pads (full size chassis system)
Ideal For: CRG VEN99 front brake calipers (full size chassis systems)
Ideal For: CRG VEN05 front brake calipers (full size chassis systems)
Ideal For: CRG VEN04 dual - piston caliper (full size chassis systems)

Note: **Point Karting strongly recommends double-checking the provided dimensional diagrams to ensure you order the right pads for your kart! If you have questions, reach out to us, we are happy to help.**