Engine Crankshaft Holding Tool (Leakdown)

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The Briggs 206 Crankshaft Holding Tool is perfect for performing leak down tests on the Briggs & Stratton Animal line of kart engine - used for Briggs 206, World Formula, and Gas Animal categories.

This tool fits to the chain threaded holes for the chain guard, with a corresponding piece that slips over the crankshaft, held in place with two milled prongs that insert into the supporting plate and a set screw that crimps onto the crankshaft. Here are some instructions demonstrating how the components interact.

Each tool is made of precision-milled and anodized aluminum, with a base plate component and the crankshaft holding tool component. A variety of degree offset settings exist, allowing leak downs to be conducted at 7 positions, including TDC - Top Dead Center, or at 90, 135, or BDC (bottom dead center) settings.

Each crankshaft holding tool is sold separately.