Courtney Concepts Sprocket Aligner for Go Kart

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Sprocket Alignment Tool by Courtney Concepts. Ideal for aligning your axle sprocket and engine sprocket for optimal drivetrain performance! Prevent thrown chains, worn sprockets, and lost laps with this simple tool! 


This simple-to-use tool is a pit area essential! The chain alignment tool clips onto your sprocket, and an adjustable extension aligns the drive sprocket on an engine with the axle sprocket. 

The alignment tool is available for various sprocket types: 
  • #219 Sprockets / #35 Sprockets
  • #428 and #415 Sprockets (for shifter or high-horsepower)

Each aligner is sold separately. Note that the same aligner is used for #35 and #219 sprockets, with a slightly larger model used for #428 / #415 sprockets.