PKT 30mm Axles (Kid Kart)

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  • 30mm Axles ideal for Kid Karts by PKT.
  • NOTE: Most Kid Karts utilize 25mm ID axle bearings. Before ordering this axle, double check to make sure you need a 30mm axle, not a 25mm axle for your Kid Kart. 
  • Hollow axle design is light weight, coming in at just over 3.0 lbs.
    • This axle is often 5.0 lbs lighter than solid steel alternatives on the market! Save some rotation weight. 
    • 970mm axle width allows for maximum track width while still using narrow Kid Kart hubs and wheels. 
  • Available in 2.1mm wall thickness only.
  • Sold as axle only, with no additional mounting hardware.