DR Mini MC-18 MK-14 Chassis (Bare Frame)

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DR Kart Mini MC-18 MK-14 Chassis, bare go kart frame. This frame is the evolution of the DR Mini Hero and Mini 18 chassis, and features some innovative new features to take on the cadet kart market!

Kart frames do have a memory and life to them, so it is important to consider this each season.

The Mini 20 MK-14 frame takes inspiration from the DR Mini Hero and Mini-18, both outstanding chassis in their field! The MC-18 utilizes a double-waist design that is more pliable than previous DR Kart cadet models, and also more responsive to longer tracks than the MK-20 and MK-14 models. Updated bearing supports allow for up to 4 ride height position adjustments and the accommodation of the updated VEN12 braking system. A new expanded undertray allows for improved aerodynamics along the lower frontal area of the frame as well.

MK-20 vs. MK-14: What's the Difference?

For the Mini MC-18, the answer is - not much! The only difference between the two models is the bodywork that accompanies the chassis- all bodywork mounting stubs are the same as well as the dimensions of the frame and associated homologation.

Each frame is ordered directly from DR Kart North America, and can be freight shipped to you!

Note: A bare-frame is a fairly special order item. At times this can result in a delay for stocking in the USA. For inquiries regarding stocking availability, reach out to us at pointkarting@gmail.com