Coleman Super Mini Electric Kart Starter

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The Coleman Portable Kart Starter is a great additional tool to have in your pit space for TaG or electric-start racers. Used to spin the crankshaft of the engine, the starter is designed to be a more powerful option vs. the on board electric starter. This starter is designed to fit over modern kart crankshaft clutch retention nuts. 

The Super Mini is Coleman's latest evolution of their portable kart starters. Over time, this design has gotten lighter and lighter, and therefore easier to transport and carry. The starter extension arm, which fits through a hole in the right side pod (that is drilled by the racer), is removable for compact transport.

The starter utilizes a standard 12V kart battery, and a gear reduction drive to increase the starter arm speed. 

Each starter is sold separately. Unsure about which fitting is correct for you? Reach out to us prior to ordering your starter to make sure this starter fits correctly for your engine!