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  • Part #4 in the Exploded Diagram (see image).
  • Hilliard Inferno Clutch Shoe.
  • Different Hilliard Inferno models require different clutch shoes.
    • As an example, the Fire clutch utilizes a shoe with an additional friction pad, which gives it slightly better response and grip compared to the traditional clutch shoe.
    • Each shoe is tuneable with the use of different orientations, addition of weight, and of course alteration of the clutch springs used in the clutch. Together, these options give the racer a considerable amount of flexibility to optimize the clutch for their driver, kart, and applications.
  • Available as a single shoe only, with multiple options available: Hilliard Inferno Fire clutch shoe (with friction material),  Hilliard Inferno Flame shoe (without material), or Hilliard Fury shoe (for Fury clutch only).