Hilliard Inferno Fire / Flame Clutch Mounting Washer

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Crankshaft Mounting Washer for the Hilliard Inferno Flame / Fire go kart clutch. This washer is used to hold the clutch assembly in place at the end of the crankshaft on a Briggs 206 engine or other racing kart engines.
This component is part #9 in the exploded diagram shown in the image gallery of the Hilliard Inferno clutch assembly.
This large flat washer is intended for use with the addition of a fixation bolt (5/16 x 24 thread) and a lock washer to securely hold the Hilliard Inferno line of racing clutches in place on the crankshaft of a Briggs 206 engine during operation. With a thick profile, this washer is specifically intended for the retention application, to prevent the clutch from moving off of the crankshaft or skipping over the washer during use of the engine or clutch.
Each washer is zinc-plated for additional durability. This is the washer only, with no additional hardware presented.
  • **Point Karting recommends utilizing this washer, as a clutch 'overhang' beyond the edge of the crankshaft between 1/16" - 1/8". Adjust this utilizing clutch spacers.
    • Also, consider utilizing red or blue Loctite to secure the mounting bolt to prevent clutch coming loose during kart operation.