Hilliard Inferno Internal Clutch Spacer (Flame / Fire)

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  • Part #2, Part #6 in diagram.
  • Clutch hub spacer, as well as internal spacer for Hilliard Inferno Flame, Fire clutches.
  • NOT the large spacer utilize to primarily adjust clutch overhang/offset relative to the end of the crankshaft.
  • However, these steel washers are excellent shims to 'fine tune' your clutches fitment to the crankshaft or application.
  • For Briggs 206 applications, often 1-2 spacers are required in addition to large spacer.
    • Having at least one in the position illustrated by Part #6 on the diagram is an excellent way to minimize some of the 'clang' the internal grease cover makes in the clutch during use.
  • Available as singular washer only, with no additional hardware.