CKR Spindles & Components (10mm Kingpin)

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Kart Spindles, King Pins, Spacers, and Mounting Hardware for CKR Racing Karts. From 10mm king pins, to spindle vertical spacers, 25mm spindles, and spindle eccentrics, this section has all you need for your CKR Racing Kart! 

Choose components from the image gallery and drop down menu to find the parts right for your kart, to rebuild, replace, or have extra parts on hand at the track when things go wrong. 

CKR spindle spacer - 5mm
25mm ID x 5mm width | aluminum w/black anodize

Note that many of the components presented here also fit a variety of racing karts, including CRG, Zanardi, Maranello, and GP karts. 

Each component is sold separately.