CKR Rear Hubs (Assorted)

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Rear Kart Hubs for CKR racing go karts. Both Magnesium and Aluminum hubs are available, some fit both front and rear hub applications (for front brakes for shifter karts, DD2 applications). From Kid Karts, to cadet karts, and full-size CKR chassis, has all the hub options you need to upgrade and tune your CKR kart! 

Note that many of these hubs will fit a variety of racing karts beyond CKR - from CRG, Zanardi, or Maranello, as well as just about any kart that utilizes a 25, 30, 40, or 50mm axle. These hubs are made from quality Aluminum and Magnesium mill stock, and will perform in an outstanding fashion for any racing application. 

Click through the image gallery and drop-down menu to find the hub right for your application. Unsure what may be best for your kart or racing? Reach out to us via email - and we will help you!

Each hub is sold separately. Images are created on a best-effort basis to represent each product properly. 

A Note on Magnesium Vs. Aluminum Hubs

  • Magnesium hubs tend to be a little more 'stiff' than a standard aluminum hub. Therefore, utilizing a Magnesium hub of similar dimension to an aluminum hub will give a more 'free' feel to the relevant end of the kart - in this case primarily rear hub areas. In addition, an equivalent Magnesium hub will also be lighter, reducing rotating weight. Some say that heat transfer to the rim is also reduced, keeping tire pressures reduced, but this may be controversial or less crucial to most racers and applications. 
  • Aluminum hubs are tried and true - you can't go wrong with a standard Aluminum hub! Factor in the cost of Magnesium, and it is easy to see why Aluminum hubs are still relevant, although often not standard on many mid to upper range chassis. For many regional or club racers, Aluminum hubs are an excellent choice, as they provide the grip and performance that is necessary for the application. In rain, an Aluminum hub is a great option as well.