CKR Go Kart Torsion Bars

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The CKR Go Kart Torsion Bars are designed to enhance the handling of your CKR kart chassis! These torsion bars are available in a variety of materials, sizes, and dimensions. Typically, adding a torsion bar to the front or rear of the kart chassis creates a more dynamic or 'grippy' feel for that portion of the chassis.

These torsion bars are available in a variety of lengths:

  • 230mm - This bar is ideal for most CKR Chassis, including the Barracuda, Blue Shark, and Stingray.
  • 300mm - This bar width is the factory width for most CKR chassis applications, both front and rear bar widths.

The torsion bars are also available in multiple materials:

  • Teflon - This creates a more 'progressive' feel to the chassis torsion. For slower corners, the grip generated by this bar will be considerably more aggressive than no bar, but not as 'instant' as the steel bar. This could be a great addition to your tuning tool box for the regional or club racer!
  • Steel - The steel bar is considered the 'harder' bar of the two, for both front and rear grip issues, respectively. With the steel, an aggressive gain in grip is expected. Note that the steel comes in multiple configurations, both standard straight, and bent. For a couple chassis, such as the Piranha DD2 and the Hammerhead DD2, this bent bar can be helpful.

Each bar is sold separately, without chassis clamps. For torsion bar clamps, click here! (Note - torsion bars require (2) clamps to fit into chassis).