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Steering Wheels, Steering Columns, and Steering Shaft Accessories for CKR Racing Go Karts. A variety of options and sizes are available here for steering wheels, and steering columns, as well as steering hubs. 

Note that many of the components shown here will fit a variety of karts including CRG, Zanardi, and Maranello racing karts. Look through the image gallery and drop down menu to find the components right for you!

Steering Wheels

Steering wheels come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The "Puffo" sized steering wheel is 270mm in diameter, and is sized for small drivers in Kid Karts, likely not ideal to generate the leverage or comfort necessary for a larger kart. The Cadet / Mini steering wheel (320mm) is most common for drivers age 8-12, but larger drivers can also use these as well. For full-size kart chassis, a 345mm steering wheel is typically the correct diameter. All are available here for your kart!

Steering Columns

Steering columns come in a variety of lengths, and with different attachment options, commonly known as 'steering ackerman settings.' The shafts shown here have adjustable steering ackerman settings for most karts, aside from CKR Kid Karts. 

Steering Hubs - Inclined Vs. Non Inclined

Depending on your application, steering hubs can be inclined or not, depending on what you need to best exert the proper leverage on the steering wheel. Both options are available here. 

Each component is sold separately.