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Wheel Rims, Beadlocks, Valve Stems, and Bearings for CKR Racing Karts. Douglas Wheel and OEM CKR Rims available. From aluminum and magnesium wheels, to bead lock screws and o-rings, and even valve stem kits, this section has all you need for one of the most crucial areas of your racing kart - where the rubber meets the road! supports the full-line of CKR Racing Kart Components. 


Choose from the image gallery and drop down menu to find the wheel rims or components right for you. Note that many of these components will fit a variety of racing karts, including CRG, Zanardi, and Maranello racing karts in addition to CKR. 

The Douglas Low-Volume wheels are the standard kart wheel for most CKR racing karts. These rims prevent excessive heat build in the tire, and optimal chassis performance. Beyond this, the spun aluminum wheels will be more ideal for rainy conditions, in particular in the front area of the kart, by providing a more immediate chassis feel, and more heat build in front wheels, ideal for cold track conditions such as rain. 

The spindle-mounted wheels are common on the CKR Halibut or Marlin karts, and fit a 17mm diameter spindle. While these can be used on the Stingray chassis as well or full-size karts with addition of non-standard spindles, these are likely best suited for the Kid Kart or cadet chassis. 

Important note! Most karts utilize a 3/58 bolt pattern as standard. CKR front hubs on many full-size chassis, as well as CRG and derivatives (Maranello, Zanardi, TB, GP, etc.) utilize a 3/67 bolt pattern on their front wheels. For the rear wheels, the 3/58 bolt pattern is still standard. On older CKR chassis, the 3/67 bolt pattern on the front, or rear can be utilized. Current CKR karts utilize a 3/58 bolt pattern, but some CKR chassis may utilize the wider bolt pattern that is common on CRG, DR, and CKR karts, especially on the front hubs. 

Additional components listed here also include valve stems and wheel bearings for front "DSM" (Direct Spindle Mount) wheels, which are as mentioned above found on the CKR Halibut and Marlin models most commonly.

Douglas Low Volume Rims
Fits CKR karts (130mm/212mm), (5"x 130mm)

Each component is sold separately.