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Front Hubs and Components for CKR Racing Karts. Ideal for Kid Kart, cadet, and full-size chassis applications. Available in aluminum or magnesium! Also available, front hub bearings, wheel studs, and accessories. 

Choose from the image gallery or drop-down menu the components that are right for your application! Note that the bearing diameter that mates to the spindle is denoted first next to hubs, followed by the overall width of the hub (width is measured from back side of hub, to the face that the wheel actually rests on, does not include the length of the wheel studs). 

  • Magnesium hubs may be slightly shorter in overall width, but will provide a more 'tactile' driving feel than the more ductile aluminum hubs. In addition, magnesium is lighter, creating less rotating weight for the serious racer.

Each component pictured is sold separately.