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Kart axles for CKR racing karts. Also will fit well with CRG, Zanardi, Maranello, and other CRG-derived chassis. Having spare axles on hand is great for tuning the chassis, or replacing one when they get bent!

CKR has a variety of axles available to suit your needs, available in a variety of sizes:

  • "Puffetto" Axle - Ideal for Halibut Kid Kart: This axle is designed for the Halibut Kid Kart, but will fit most Kid Karts that utilize a 25mm diameter axle. This axle is available in only one rate, or thickness. The axle has milled grooves for axle keys, rather than pinned axle keys. For additional axle options for your Kid Kart, consider PKT's fantastic line of axles!
  • 30mm Axles: These axles are ideal for cadet chassis such as the CKR Marlin, or CRG Hero, DR Mini 18, etc. This axle is available in three stiffness options - Soft, Medium, and Hard.
  • 40mm Axles: These axles are ideal for the Pirahna DD2 chassis, as well as any kart with 40mm axles. Axles are available in Hard, K "Medium Hard", Medium, and Soft.

    50mm Axles: For any full-size kart chassis, including the Blue Shark, Stingray, Barracuda, etc. Also will fit many CRG, DR, or Zanardi chassis. These axles are available in reinforced or standard axle types (reinforced axles are designed for shifter kart applications), and came in rates Soft, Medium, and Hard, as well as HH (Hard Hard) and

    3-Peg keyway (CKR/CRG Spacing) 8mm width x 60mm length