CKR Fuel Tank Caps

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Fuel Tank Caps for CKR Racing Go Karts. Plastic caps and associated O-ring gaskets also fit many 8.5 or 3.5 Liter fuel tanks for CRG, Zanardi, Maranello, or CRG-derived racing karts.

Each cap is available separately, and comes with the associated gasket pictured. Without this gasket, the fuel tank cannot seal properly, which will interrupt fuel flow to the fuel tank!

The fuel caps for CKR karts are available in two variants:

  • 8.5 Liter (Full-Size Chassis) caps - These caps are a larger diameter, and do not feature a center depression on the cap.
  • 3.5 Liter (Cadet / Kid Kart Chassis) caps - These tank caps are smaller in diameter, and feature a depression ring to seal the tank from inside and out around the threaded mounting surface on the fuel tank.

Each cap sold separately.