CKR Axle Bearings & Cassettes

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Bearings & Cassettes for CKR racing karts. Ideal for many Kid Kart, Cadet, and Full-Size kart chassis. A variety of bearings are available for allowing the rear axle to rotate freely within the kart chassis. 

The bearings shown here can fit a variety of CRG-derived chassis, such as CRG, Zanardi, or CKR karts. The bearings are available in a variety of sizes:

  • 25mm Bearing - Ideal for the Halibut Kid Kart or other Kid Kart applications. Will fit with part #5, the "Puffo" Bearing Cassette. 
  • 30mm Bearing - Ideal for the CKR Marlin kart, or CRG karts such as the Big Al, Zanardi Cadet, or CRG Hero. These bearings have multiple set screw locations to prevent lateral slip of the axle. These bearings fit well with cassette part #6
  • 40mm Bearing - Ideal for the CKR Pirahnna DD2, or other CRG-derived chassis such as the Tork that utilize a 40mm Bearing. These bearings fit well with cassette part #7 or #8
  • 50mm Bearing - These 50mm axle bearings are standard on all full-size CKR racing karts, with exception to the Pirahnna / Hammerhead DD2 chassis. These bearings will fit best within the part #7 or #8 bearing cassettes. 

In addition, CKR has a variety of bearing cassettes available that fit into the chassis, for different bearing applications. See the master parts diagram in the image gallery to find the one right for you! 

-Each bearing, or bearing cassette is sold separately.