Cordless Drill / Impact Gun Charging Station

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Cordless drill or impact gun charging station (drill dock) for go kart racers or any racer using a trailer. This new product from Streeter is ideal for racers who want to up their organization game and keep their cordless impact gun or drill safely contained in their trailer or tool box.


With a refined design over previous models, Streeter's latest charging station features a wall-mounted shelf and hanging areas for multiple cordless impact guns or drills. Tapered bars allow for easy insertion or removal of the cordless tools, which can hang below the station with or without batteries installed, while a battery charger can be placed atop the shelf to facilitate constant charging of your tools. No more dead batteries, no more excuses for not having the power and tools you need when you need them!

Streeter has considered aesthetics as well, with a beautiful powder coat finish to fit even the most picky trailer interior designer.

Of course, this item can also function as a cordless drill organizer, workbench charging station, or power tool charging station for any worker or hobbyist.

Each charging station comes complete with the shelf and hanging areas for tools. No additional mounting hardware or cordless tools are included.