Max Torque "SS" Clutch (Complete)

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Complete Max Torque clutch for racing go karts and hobby karts, the "SS" model. This clutch is a centrifugal clutch with a multi-shoe design, and an integrated drive sprocket that can be changed to achieve various drive ratios.

A variety of clutch springs are available for this clutch to vary the engagement speed of the clutch. This clutch is commonly used in performance karting applications with the Briggs 206 racing engine.


The "SS" in the name stands for "Six Shoe," as this clutch utilizes a central spring, stamped clutch shoe backing plate, and drum to hold in 6 small clutch shoes.
A fairly simple clutch even by centrifugal clutch standards, the SS Max Torque clutch utilizes several stamped steel components held in place by snap rings to operate the engagement and disengagement mechanism. Because of the simple design, maintenance is fairly easy. However, don't let this fool you - this clutch requires regular attention to keep in top running shape!
Max Torque Go Kart Clutch Diagram

"I've Heard the Max Torque is a Cheap Clutch. Is that True?

Well...sort of! Yes, the Max Torque clutch is inexpensive compared to many other clutches. But, is it truly a cheap clutch that fails a lot? Not exactly. As with many performance items, the design dictates the intended use. When stressed outside of design parameters, any clutch is mechanically challenged.

Commonly, these clutches can fail in extreme heat applications or when stressed significantly beyond their design limits. This can occur when a heavy driver is using this Max Torque clutch, or when prolonged partial-engagement of the clutch leads to heat build-up in the mechanism, resulting in clutch failure.

Another area of potential weakness for these clutches is the needle bearing or bushing used in some models. Because of this concern, Point Karting can order multiple versions of the clutch with a hardened central flange that can prolong clutch life. See the belt drive sprocket and clutch drum options, or contact us to discuss your clutch configuration!

Available Configurations


The Max Torque clutch is sold here as standard with a 16-tooth, #35 drive sprocket. However, other drive sprockets are available to interchange with this sprocket, view them here.

The SS clutch from Max Torque comes as a complete assembly shown in the images, ready to utilize on a racing go kart or hobby vehicle.

Note that there are multiple clutch shoe weights available for these clutches, but most karting organizations will not allow for the 'heavy' clutch shoes. As a result, Point Karting will not sale or retail these to customers.