Cap Head Bolt Packs

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All hardware is fully threaded and made from 304 Stainless Steel. Sold in packages with quantity listed below.

Size Pack Quantity Common Use
M4 x 8mm 40 Caster Pill
M5 x 20mm 50 Brake Pedal
M5 x 55mm 20 LO206 Header
M6 x 20mm 40 Sprocket
M6 x 25mm 30 Sprocket
M6 x 30mm 25 Sprocket
M6 x 35mm 25 Sprocket Guard
M6 x 40mm 20 Sprocket Guard
M6 x 50mm 20 Steering Hub
M8 x 20mm 20 Engine Mount
M8 x 30mm 15 Engine Mount
M8 x 40mm 15 Engine Mount
M8 x 50mm 12 Engine Mount
M10 x 20mm 12 Engine Clamp
M10 x 25mm 10 Engine Clamp
M10 x 30mm 10 Engine Clamp
M10 x 35mm 10 Engine Clamp
M10 x 40mm 8 Engine Clamp
M10 x 45mm 8 Engine Clamp