World Formula Exhaust Silencer - USA Spec

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Exhaust Silencer for the World Formula Engine, USA-Spec. This silencer is the perfect accessory for your World Formula engine if you are racing it in the United States!


Manufactured by RLV USA for Briggs & Stratton, EXF4108 is a precision manufactured exhaust silencer for the World Formula engine. This exhaust silencer fits over P/N 5950, the World Formula exhaust pipe to keep the engine operating properly, encourage smooth exhaust flow, and keep the engine within sound regulations approved by Briggs and Stratton and associated regulatory bodies within karting.

Each silencer comes with a stamped branded "EXF4108" badge to certify it is a OEM-approved component by RLV and Briggs & Stratton as well as two exhaust springs to secure the silencer to the World Formula exhaust header.

Note: There is often some tape on the end of the silencer across the baffling area. We recommend removing this prior to installing the pipe.