Briggs 206 Cylinder Head Gasket

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Head Gasket for the Briggs 206 Racing Engine. This gasket goes between the cylinder head and short block assemblies on your Briggs & Stratton LO206 engine to keep engine components in line and sealed tightly for proper performance!
Whenever you service the head on your engine, or whenever you change components within the head assembly, Point Karting strongly recommends updating the head gasket as well.
The head gasket fits between the engine head assembly and the short block to seal combustion and exhaust gasses during operation of the engine.

Note: Per Briggs 206 Regulations (2020), the minimum thickness for head gaskets when inspected at any time during competition MUST be 0.047," and is measured by tech inspection officials at (4) points around the inner edge of the head gasket near the combustion chamber.
Each gasket is sold individually.