Briggs 206 Rain Hood For Air Filter

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Rain Hood (Rain Cover) for Air Filter on Briggs 206 engine for go kart races in the rain. Simple installation with simple tools makes preparing for a rain race quick and easy! Installs without any modification to the air filter, therefore Briggs 206 rule set legal.

If you're planning to head to a track with inclement weather, this is a MUST for the Briggs 206 racer! Installation is super simple, with only a Phillips screw driver needed to install the rain hood over the 206 air filter. Slight upward offset of the cover allows for additional tire clearance, which is a nice feature for karts with wider circumference tires.

The cover has been tested to provide over 8 times the air flow as the intake on the carburetor can inhale at any given time, so no need to worry about intake restriction.

For those who really want to cover the entire filter, the top edge is slightly notched to fit around the rubber cap on the top of the carburetor.

When rain starts to fall at the track, many people panic and scramble. Be one of the racers who doesn't have to worry, and within seconds is rain race ready!

Each air filter cover is sold separately, and comes with components pictured.