Briggs 206 Exhaust Header Bolt (Cross-Drilled)

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Exhaust header bolt for Briggs 206 go kart engine, cross-drilled for safety wire. This is the best bolt to ensure your exhaust pipe is securely fastened to the head of your engine! Note that this M6 x 25mm bolt also fits a variety of Briggs & Stratton (and other) exhaust systems and heads in addition to the LO206.
It's no secret that the head area of the Briggs 206 is a weak spot in the engine design. Excessive heat can cause exhaust bolts to loosen or back-out over time. With the inclusion of a cross-drilled head to allow for insertion of safety wire, these bolts are the go-to solution to prevent this issue with your Briggs 206 engine or any air-cooled exhaust system!
Per Briggs 206 regulations, safety wire on the exhaust header bolts is actually required as a technical inspection item. Make sure you are technically compliant by using these bolts! Consider having extras of these at the track on hand.
Each bolt is sold individually. (2) bolts are needed to secure your exhaust header to the engine on most systems.