Briggs 206 Exhaust Pipe

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Briggs & Stratton 206 Exhaust Pipe. This is the spec pipe for all Briggs LO206, Junior 206, and 206 kart racing worldwide! Manufactured from mild steel and bent just right, this exhaust pipe is multi-stage in size, with flanges expanding as it works outward towards the silencer.
The 3-stage design of the exhaust silencer helps increase laminar flow of the exhaust as it heads away from the engine. An integrated and welded mounting bracket on the manifold-facing area of the pipe makes mounting the pipe straightforward.
Each size of the pipe expands ever more, with the dimensions:
  • Total Length: 20.25"
  • First stage ID: 0.940"
  • Second Stage ID: 1.075"
  • Third Stage ID: 1.185"
  • Briggs and Stratton spec pipe for WKA Junior LO206 go kart categories.

Note: Point Karting recommends the B91 XL silencer (P/N RLV 4104) to fit this exhaust.

Each pipe is sold individually, with no additional mounting brackets or components.