Briggs 206 Exhaust Pipe (Left) w/Mount Kit

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Left-Hand Exhaust Pipe for Briggs Animal and 206 Racing Engines. This is a new product from RLV for racing go karts and 206 engines that fit on the left side of the chassis. Examples of karts like this include Nitro, Benik, and the Margay 2-engine 206.


The left-hand 206 exhaust pipe is designed to fit with engines that fit on the driver's left of the kart chassis. Specifically, several chassis currently on the sprint-kart market include Nitro Kart, Benik, and Margay require a left-hand exhaust pipe or the 'candy cane' exhaust pipe.

With Briggs suggesting that in 2022 the 'candy cane' exhaust may be outlawed, it might be time to get this exhaust pipe on your kart now rather than later!

Each pipe is sold separately. The Mounting kit is also available separately, or as a kit!