Briggs 206 Exhaust Gasket (5 Pack)

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5-Pack of copper exhaust gaskets for Briggs 206 exhaust system. These gaskets are the perfect solution to properly seal the interface between the head of the Briggs 206 engine and the exhaust pipe! 
At peak operating temperatures, the hot exhaust gases of the 206 can place significant strain on the engine system of the LO206. These exhaust gaskets help keep those exhaust gases flowing where they belong properly. 
Each type of metallic exhaust gasket is sold in a pack of 5. 
Ideal for the Briggs 206 exhaust system as well as the World Formula engine, these gaskets serve as a barrier to route exhaust gases upward into the exhaust pipe from the engine head. Copper is an excellent heat sink as well, which helps keep the variable expansion from the aluminum engine head versus the steel exhaust pipe from causing further damage to the exhaust header bolts, which is a known weak spot in the engine system. 
A notched channel in each copper gasket accommodates the head bolt area of the engine near the exhaust port, which is another nice feature so that no modification of the gasket as you un-package it is necessary to complete installation. 
While Point Karting usually recommends racers utilize the exhaust gasket in copper instead of the aluminum, we stock both variants for racers that are loyal to the aluminum material. 
  • Point recommends utilizing the Copper Exhaust gaskets with a small application of Copper Ultra-High-Temp RTV / Gasket Maker for the ideal exhaust setup on a Briggs 206 of World Formula! 
    • Sold as a pack of 5 gaskets.