Birel Front Brake Pads (Set)

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Aftermarket brake pads designed for the Birel line of front brake calipers


Manufactured by IKP, these brake pads are an excellent choice for replacing worn out or damaged brake pads on your chassis. Sold as a pair of (2) brake pads, since a brake caliper requires that both pads are replaced at the same time for proper function. 


These brake pads are composed of standard Red Carbon compound, which provides a progressive yet strong braking feel across a variety of brake rotors and driving styles.

They are optimized to fit Birel systems, and are also appropriate for some MBA and Tibi brake systems.

Different brake caliper eras will require different pad types. Fortunately, we have included technical diagrams on our site to help you decide which pads work for you! 

Depending on the era of your Birel kart, the pads you select will vary! Make sure to inspect your used pads prior to replacement.

Ideal For: *Vintage* birel, MBA, Tibi brake systems
Pad Width: 75mm (see diagram)

Note: **Point Karting strongly recommends double-checking the provided dimensional diagram to ensure you order the right pads for your kart! If you have questions, reach out to us, we are happy to help.**