Biesse Brake Pads - Rear (Set)

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Brake Pads for Biesse Go Kart brake systems. Shop here for the best selection of Biesse Kart front and rear brake pads and components! Point Karting offers brake pads for both the front and rear brake systems of your Biesse kart.
While now defunct in the USA, Biesse was a popular brand for several years within regions of the nation. Through their alignment with Freeline and manufacturing support from Birel, many components on Biesse karts are cross-compatible with Birel / Freeline components of the same manufacturing era.
Each pair of pads is sold as a set of (2) pads, as both are necessary to replace worn or broken pads on your Biesse kart.
The general appearance of these pads features a very broad pad surface, with a break in the middle of the pad to aid in cooling. The rear backing plate also features a pre-drilled hole for inserting the pad retention bolt, used to keep the pads in place as the pads move inward and outward with relation to the rotor.
(2) pre-drilled M6 threaded holes on the back side of the pad are spaced perfectly to fit the return springs and mechanism for the Biesse rear brake caliper.

Selecting the Right Brake Pad Compound

Point Karting has "Galfer 1054" and "Red Carbon" pad options. Depending on your braking preference, select the pad option that is right for you:

  • Red Carbon: Suitable for most drivers, the Red Carbon pads provide a progressive yet strong braking feel across a variety of brake rotors and driving styles. This is the closest equivalent to the compound utilized in OEM Biesse Brake Pads.
  • Galfer 1054 Black: For those who want a very aggressive braking feel, the 1054 black is the choice! Made from an organic-based media, the Galfer 1054 is a softer pad. This means increased pad wear, but also increased stopping power and immediacy to the braking system under hard braking. Trust the 1054 if you are someone who really likes to stand on the brakes hard into corners!

      Ideal For: Biesse kart brake system

      Note: **Point Karting strongly recommends double-checking the provided dimensional diagram to ensure you order the right pads for your kart! If you have questions, reach out to us, we are happy to help.**