Bengio CARBON Rib Protector

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Carbon Rib Protector by Bengio. This rib vest is designed for go kart racers who value their safety and comfort.

The Bengio CARBON Rib Protector is manufactured with high quality materials, essential ergonomic design, and fully adjustable velcro straps to make each driver comfortable.


The Carbon rib protector is handcrafted with high quality materials and a fully adjustable ergonomic design featuring a newly designed velcro strap to help a drivers breathing while on track.

Bengio Carbon combines the winning formula of STANDARD with the high stiffness, high tension strength, and low weight of the carbon fiber.

The shell is composed of a composite of fiberglass and carbon fiber, providing maximum impact resistance at a very low weight.

The vest features soft and smooth yet resistant foam material. Designed to reduce vibrations and repeated impacts, it is able to withstand and disperse impacts while absorbing up to 90% of the energy from high-speed impacts.

The back of the Carbon rib protector features a Texton 480 weave with 5mm thick closed cell foam padding.

Sizing and Fitment

Sizing for your Bengio is easy! Please consult the sizing chart in the image gallery to find your perfect fit for Bengio rib vests. Have questions on the right size vest for you? Reach out to us, we are happy to assist you.