Bengio Carbon Lady Bumper Rib Protector

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Carbon Lady Bumper Rib Protector by Bengio. This Bengio Lady Bumper rib vest is specifically designed to provide proper protection to female kart drivers.


With adjusted side protection pieces to give optimum comfort to female drivers, the lady Bengio Bumper is a newer product within the array of rib protection devices provided by Italian safety gear manufacturer Bengio.

Each side protection piece is handcrafted with quality materials, essential ergonomic design components with a fully-adjustable double-ring fastener system with long-seam velcro across the front to make universal adjustment and perfect fitment possible for every driver.

Shielding on the outside of the bumper vest is provided with a triple-layer fiberglass design, that prevents spread of sudden impacts to the driver, and improves long-term durability of the vest over periods of prolonged use. When you purchase a Bengio vest, you make a long-term safety gear choice!

Protection for the driver doesn't stop at the shell, however. Internal padding features an 8mm thick, 100 kg / mc density foam material that dissipates and protects against both high-frequency vibrations to the driver and slows the rate of spread of sudden impacts.

The rear of the vest is tightened together utilizing a Texton 480 weave perforated fabric that is approximately 5mm thick, accompanied with foam.

Sizing and Fitment

Sizing for your Bengio is easy! Please consult the sizing chart in the image gallery to find your perfect fit for Bengio rib vests. Have questions on the right size vest for you? Reach out to us, we are happy to assist you.