Bengio CARBON AB7 Rib Protector

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AB7 Rib Protector by Bengio. Manufactured to the highest standards within the karting world, the AB7 is the latest evolution of rib and chest protection. Insist on the best with Bengio and the AB7! This vest meets or exceeds the CIK-FIA ratings 8870-2018.


The AB7 is truly a new product for a new standard for safety in karting. In recent times, the CIK-FIA organization has released new regulations further bolstering chest and rib protection for racers. Bengio's AB7 has risen to this challenge, and is ready to perform and protect. 

Additional protections have been integrated into the sternum and back area of this vest, creating a comprehensive safety cocoon around the core torso area of the driver. 

A re-design of the lateral rib protection paddings provide improved comfort in the standard driving position. Elastic shoulder straps keep the vest in place perfectly during operation of the kart, and are easily adjustable for upright walking around or working in the pit area when not driving. 

The new 'closure' system by Bengio is a rapid method to don and tighten the rib vest. Despite the stringent safety standards the AB7 has been built to meet, putting on the vest is very easy, and does away with cumbersome buckles or repetitive loosening and tightening. One large strap holds the system in place. 

Note: Orange Color Option is now discontinued. 

Sizing and Fitment

Sizing your AB7 vest is simple! Check out the sizing guide below, and find the proper fitment for your vest. If you have questions on your vest, please reach out to us, we are happy to assist you. 


Testing and Protection

The AB7 was designed to meet the FIA 8870-2018 regulations. With this in mind, Bengio's vest has been proven to withstand:

  • Back Impact - tested for impact energy at 100 joule
  • Chest Protection - tested for impact energy at 60 joule
  • Rib Protection - tested for impact energy at 100 joule

The FIA standards required impact resistance for peak forces at any time of 1 kilo-newton. The AB7 met or exceeded these tests repeatedly.