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Belt drive sprockets for racing go karts and belt-drive powertrain systems. These sprockets are designed to fit on the sprocket carrier for racing go karts and are 20mm wide, with an 8mm pitch between belt grooves. These sprockets are available in 65-90 tooth sizes.

Made from solid milled aluminum, these sprockets are fantastic pieces of manufacturing that will give you a long-lasting drive train solution that is less messy and more reliable than a chain drive!


While much pricier than their stamped-steel brethren, belt-drive sprockets are an outstanding option for those that will run the same gear ratios regularly or that desire a cleaner high-efficiency powertrain solution.

Each belt drive sprocket found here is milled to fit standard racing kart sprocket carriers, which have a shoulder diameter of 4 9/16" (115.88mm), and feature a 6-bolt pattern to bolt directly to the sprocket carrier attachment points.

With an 8mm pitch and 20mm wide, these sprockets are perfect for standard 8mm drive belts. Typically most karts will utilize between an 800-1000mm belt length.

Each sprocket is sold individually. The sprockets are sold un-cut, although some racers do cut them in two pieces. Point Karting recommends against this. Adjusting for ideal spacing between sprocket halves is difficult to accomplish once sprocket is cut.

Belt drive sprocket
8mm pitch, 20mm wide | 78 tooth

Note: Point Karting stocks the 66 and 69 tooth sprockets regularly for our regional karters. Additional sprocket sizes are a special order item, and will be ordered in to Point Karting, then shipped on to you upon your order.