Belt Drive Sprocket & Clutch Drum

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  • Belt Drive Clutch Drum and Drive Sprocket for Go Karts by Pfeifer Industries.
    • 22mm sprocket width, with teeth designed to fit an 8mm pitch belt.
    • Ideal for belt-drive powertrain systems that utilize the Max Torque or Hilliard clutch systems.
    • Integrated sprocket driver furnace brazed to a dye-hardened steel drum.
    • Various sprocket tooth counts available:
      • 16 - 30 tooth options available.
        • Note that the 'bronze bushing' options start at 18 tooth sizing, rather than 16.
    • Multiple drum options available:
      • Steel Bushing Option: Ideal for Hilliard clutch system. Can be utilized with either the "Bronze Bushing" clutch system or needle bearing/steel race systems.
      • Needle Bearing Option: Ideal for Max Torque clutch. An integrated needle bearing is pressed into the sprocket for perfect fit and function with the Max Torque clutch.