DR Kart Bearing Casettes (Full Size Chassis)

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  • DR Kart bearing cassettes.
  • Designed to fit all DR and CRG axle bearings. 
    • Ideal for modern DR Kart chassis. 
  • Integrated cinch bolt prevents bearing rotation or bind. 
  • Cassette and cinch bolt only, no bearings included. 
  • Available in standard or +/- 6mm offset options.
    • The standard bearing cassette is factory standard. This means that the bearing sits centered within the body of the bearing cassette.
    • The +/- 6mm bearing cassette offsets laterally (not vertically) the bearing area in the cassette, allowing wheelbase change +/- 6mm when used correctly. 
      • A longer wheelbase generally stabilizes the kart.
      • A shorter wheelbase generally 'frees' the kart, making it more responsive.
    • The offset bearing cassette is also available with slotted bottom holes for certain applications (such as the cassette for the brake caliper).