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30mm Axles for DR Kart and cadet kart applications. These steel axles are keyed to fit DR Kart, CRG, Zanardi, GP, and other CRG-derived kart chassis and drive line systems. 
Product Overview
The DR 30mm axles are available in several thicknesses, and are 970mm in rear track width. These axles come in Soft "S," Medium "M," and Hard "H" axle rates. 
  • Generally, a stiffer axle will alleviate rear grip in modern chassis.
  • Generally, a softer axle will generate more grip and chassis flex in modern chassis. 
The wall thickness and material utilized within the DR axles are optimized for the performance of the DR Mini 18, but these axles will perform very well with a variety of chassis. Keyways for these axles are 8mm x 60mm x 4mm thick, which is slightly thinner in height than other keyways. PKT or DR sells additional axle keyways for these axles - they are not sold with the axle. Internal keyways (for brake rotor hub or drive sprocket are 3-peg keyways, while externally the DR kart axles utilizes a 2-peg keyway standard, but is pre-drilled for 3-peg options as well. 
One nice thing about the DR Kart axles is the ability to run aftermarket hubs with various widths. With the variety of keyway holes drilled into the axle, the placement of the keyway can be shifted laterally to adjust for different hubs if necessary. 
Note on Keyways! Each axle by DR DOES NOT come pre-milled for inboard drive systems such as a Briggs LO206. If you wish to utilize the DR Mini 18 for a Briggs Cadet application, we strongly suggest utilizing the PKT 30mm x 970mm D25 or D21 axles. 
Each axle is sold separately, with no additional hardware. These axles are shipped usually directly from DR Kart North America.