Autolite LO206 Spark Plug (AR3910X)

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Autolite AR3910X Spark Plug for the Briggs 206 Racing Engine. This spark plug is intended to be the new and updated spark plug for the Briggs LO206 engine as of March, 2020. This spark plug is mandatory for all Briggs 206 kart racers to ensure technical compliance.

Manufactured by Autolite, this spark plug runs cooler than the older Champion RC12YC, leading to lowered engine head temperatures, easier engine starting, and improved performance!

Each plug can be purchased individually, or purchase a 4 pack of spark plugs to get them all in the same box!

Spark Plug Details

  • Spark Plug Thread: M14 x 1.25 (also features crush gasket)
  • Ground Strap Type: 4-point, non curled grounding (no more setting plug gap!)
  • Plug Reach (into cylinder): 0.75"