Arai Helmet Shield Screw Kits

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Anodized aluminum helmet shield kits for Arai helmets. These screw kits are a stylish addition to any Arai GP6, SK6, or CK6 helmet model. Available in several colors with a burnished aluminum finish. Color options include silver 'gunmetal', black, purple, green, red, and blue, and gold. 


One of the most crucial components on any racing go kart or race car helmet is the helmet shield kit. Without quality hardware, the shield will not stay affixed to the helmet. In an accident, you don't want it going anywhere! 

With many racers opting for fancy paint work on their helmets, it's no surprise that even the hardware can now be colorized. Kart Master's Arai helmet shield kits replace the standard hardware with a variety of anodized color options. 

For the Arai GP6, SK6, and CK6 models, Kart Master has a complete helmet shield kit. This kit includes the main retention bolts for the helmet shield (2), retention washers (fits around the retention bolts), and replacement screws for the plastic shield guides and sliders that allow the shield to rotate up and down.

Note that this kit does not include helmet tear off posts or plastic components also needed on the Arai helmet for proper installation. 

Selecting the Right Screw Kit for Your Arai

Kart Master's helmet shield kit comes in two versions. This is because Arai has manufactured several different helmets for kart racers that require slight variations in the shield kit design. 

For the GP6 and SK6 models the shield screw kit is the same. However, the CK6, which is Arai's 'wide port' face shield helmet option the shield kit is slightly different. 

If you're ordering a shield screw kit for yourself, consult the image below to see which model your helmet most resembles (hint - look at the rear area of the helmet, and the shield port to spot differences).