Angled Steering Wheel Hub for OTK

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Angled aluminum steering hub for OTK racing go karts. This 10-degree, 6-hole bolt pattern steering hub will fit Tonykart, Kosmic, FA, Exprit, and EOS racing karts, or any kart with a 20.0mm steering shaft. The 6-point bolt pattern is designed to mate perfectly to the OTK style steering wheel, or any aftermarket steering wheel that utilizes 6 bolt holes to mount instead of a 3-point bolt pattern.

Milled from 6061 aluminum billett, the steering wheel hub uses a sturdy based for mounting the steering wheel, and multiple mounting points for fastening to the steering shaft so that steering wheel height is adjustable. Multiple milled grooves allow for inclusion of longer length bolts to allow for steering wheel shims and longer allen bolts and nut assemblies. This is very helpful when mounting the steering wheel, as without this minor touch getting a socket attached to the nuts to tighten the hub and wheel together is very difficult.

Each steering wheel hub is available in two colors. Select the gold or blue anodized finish.