Angled Steering Wheel Hub

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Angled aluminum steering wheel hub by Kart Master for racing go karts. This 10-degree angled steering wheel hub is a great adjustment for racers who want to have slightly more leverage and comfort compared to a stock steering hub. These steering hubs are designed to fit most European kart steering shafts with a diameter of 20.0mm.

Made from CNC-milled 6061 aluminum and anodized in gold, black, or silver 'gunmetal,' these hubs are designed to fit standard '3-spoke' steering wheels that utilize a tri-bolt mounting pattern. Many karts, with the exception of OTK-branded karts and Praga karts utilize a 3-spoke steering wheel.

Multiple mounting holes within the central steering shaft allow for height adjustment as well. For larger drivers, this can be a very helpful feature to bring the steering wheel higher on the steering shaft, to prevent interference between a driver's knees and the bottom of the steering wheel.

Each steering hub is sold separately, and available in several colors (see the drop down menu to choose your color option).

Note: These steering wheel hubs do not fit Margay, Coyote, and Arrow karts or steering wheels.