Aluminum Kart Tire Racks

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Go Kart Tire Racks by Streeter Mfg., available in several lengths. These are a great accessory to have in your trailer to store sets of kart tires, or multiple sets, depending on your needs! 


Each kart tire rack by Streeter comes as a complete ready-to-install kit, with side plates, tire support bars, and fastening hardware. With end plates coated in a sturdy pearl-white powder coat, these tire racks are flexible in length by connecting the inner and outer tire support tubing bars together, which helps you perfectly mount the tire rack in your trailer no matter where you want it! 

Each tire rack is sold separately, and tire racks are available in the following lengths:

  • 48" (good for one set of tires)
  • 64" (good for one set of tires, and a couple more!)
  • 80" (good for multiple sets of tires, the big boy!)

**NOTE**: Point Karting does not typically stock in-house this product. We work directly with HRP to ship this item directly to you! If you have questions about installing your tire rack or current inventory for any of the lengths shown here, reach out to Point Karting anytime! 

Tire Rack Dimensions

Check out this graphic below that shows a side profile view of the tire rack. All dimensions show the side plate of Streeter tire racks (HRP6341-length), so you can plan how much space these would take up in your trailer!

Tire Rack Assembly Guide!!